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Daily Devotions

Daily Devotions

Spending time in God's Word each day is an essential part of being a disciple of Christ.  Without reading God's Word, we can't expect to go about in this dangerous and sinful world without falling victim to these temptations.  We must center ourselves in His Word and teachings so that we know what the expectations are, and to provide protection and encouragement as we face our daily challenges.  There are a number of great daily devotional sites that can be visited each day, emailed to you, or even texted to your phone to help keep you in HIs Word while we lead our busy and chaotic lives. We also provide hard copies of Portals of Prayer each quarter at the church.  See an usher or the church office if you need a copy. 

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Bible App - This is a wonderful free app to download on your mobile device that has a complete Bible and includes daily verses and guides for various topics of interst.  

Bible App for Kids - this is a free app for kids that shares many of the key bible stories in a fun animated way and includes games for kids to play to reinforce these stories. 

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