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Bible Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans

Reading and understanding the Word of God is an important part of one's spiritual growth and development.  It can be quite a daunting task to think of reading the Bible from cover to cover.  However, we feel that this is cruicial to growing and developing as disciples.  The Bible offers wisdom and understanding of many difficult topics that are very relevant to our troubled world, and can provide comfort and assurance of all of God's promises for times when we are struggling.  There is no one correct way to read through the Bible.  It is a personal preference of how you are able to learn and understand best. We offer links to a number of different reading plans, but there are many more to be found with a quick internet search as well. Choose a plan that works well for you and dig in.  Don't be too hard on yourself if you miss days throughout the year; just try and catch up when you have spare time.  Feel free to contact Pastor Warren if you have questions on how to begin, need suggestions for a good Bible, or need help interpreting passages along the way. 

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Chronological Bible Reading Plan 2

Book at a Time Plan

5x5x5 Plan (Great beginner plan)

Bible Reading Chart